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The truth about christmas

A very clear warning from Paul in Romans 12:2

“And be not conformed to this world”.

Each year on the 25th of December Christmas is celebrated. Millions of people sit by the Christmas tree, give each other presents and they celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ. But is it really His birthday?

What does the Bible actual says about this? We find no single indication for that. But we can recognize certain, that He did not become in the winter. In Luke 2:8, the Bible says, that the shepherds on the field held their watch over the herd. In the neighbourhood of Bethlehem there is a very rough climate during the winter; it is raining season. (Song 2:11; Ezra 10:9 and vers13). By that time the shepherds had their herd on stable. Even Jesus self warns for the winter time. (Matt.24:20).

In Luke 2:1, we read, that an order of emperor August went out to count the entire population. This certainly not took place in the winter months. In that case the prescribed return would be complete irresponsible for pregnant women, infirm men and for children. These two affairs let very clear see, that Jesus could not be born around that time of December.

In every encyclopaedia, you can read, that the day of His birth is not known. If God had wanted that men would commemorate His birthday, He would have said that clear in His Word. (Ex.12:14; Lev. 23; 1Chr.11:24-25). And still the world and the Christians celebrating the birthday on 25th of December. How comes?

Even before Jesus birth, many people celebrated already “Christmas”, but in the original meaning of it: “The Zonnewende fest”, the celebration of the sun god, that find its origin in Babylon. Under the dominion of Nimrod (of the Hebrew word “marad” = he is rebellious) (Gen.10:8-12) the tower of Babel, the city Babylon and Nineveh were built and he was so godless, that he got married with his own mother Semiramis.

After the early death of Nimrod, his mother and also wife spread the dogma that he would live further as a god and she was to be worshipped as a goddess. Further she maintained that at night a dead tree-stump grown as an always green tree which would symbolizes the new life of the dead Nimrod. Each year Nimrod will visit as a result of his birthday the always green tree and leave presents behind.

Consequently the Babylonians gradual begun to worship Semiramis as the “queen of heavens” and became Nimrod under different names the “divine son of heavens”. With the time, Nimrod became also the messiah, son of Baäl and worshipped as sun god. Every time his birthday became celebrated on the 25th of December!

This Babylonian cult, especially the cult of mother and child (Semiramis and Nimrod) spread out from Babylon over the entire world, only the names changed. As Nimrod was named in Egypt “Osiris” and Semiramis became “Isis”. In Asia it were “Desius” and “Cybele” and in the pagan Rome “Jupiter” and “Fortuna”. Even in Greece, India, China, Japan and Tibet, one found counterparts, long before the birth of Jesus and the furrow today worshipped and adored “Madonna with her child”. Also on the Israeli people, the influence of this Babylonian cult worked. (Jer.7:18; Jer.44:7-19).

When the Gospel was brought to the heaths through the disciples and became more and more spread, pagan customs got mixed with the leather of Jesus. God has always warned His people (compare: Ex.34:12; Deut.12:30-31; 2 Tim.4:2-4; 1 Pet.1:14-16; Gal. 4:8-11en verse 16) and the disciples loaded, the Municipality of Jesus to protect and not to let in false leather. (Heb. 13:17 and 1 Chr.5). And really it happened, that many people of the true Christianities fell back and put up with the pagan idols services again. (Acts 20:29-30; 2 Pet. 1:16, 2 Pet. 2:2).

In the fourth century Christianity was yet but little spread in the Roman world. The number of Christians increased continuous, but remained in spite of all relative small. They became prosecuted by the government as also by the population, till the time of emperor Constantine. A Christmas was till that moment not known by the Christians.

But then the Municipality began to open him self for the “Saturnalias” of the Romans, a celebration of a week, that reached its highest point on the 25th of December and was nothing less then the Roman version of the already named Babylonian Nimrod cult! The victory of the sun god over its enemies (the days became longer again) became appointed the birthday of Jesus Christ. The old customs were taken over under a new name.

The lighting of fire and candles (comparative with for instance the advents garland, lights on the Christmas tree) as “Christian ceremony” is only a continuation of the pagan morals, to cheer the sun god, again to appear, as he reaches the lowest point at the southern heaven. And the Christmas tree natural has been already discussed the always green tree (out gather coincidence with lights decorated!) that proposes the resurrection of Nimrod. The killed Nimrod who became a new life!

Considerably also seems to be, what the Bible says about the Christmas tree: Jer. 10:2-4. Also the different twigs (with berries) its further Christmas requisites that all have been intended for the sun god. Also for our economy so mean full presents has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. As you can read in Matt 2:2 and verse 11, The wise first came after the birth of Jesus, to adore Him as King of the Jews and brought Him to a king belonging presents. They adored Him alone and brought Him only gold, incense and mire and not their knowledge and family, as already was named a custom with previous called celebrations.

So in general, also we actual may only give Jesus presents. The typical Christmas customs are all pagan morals which divert our eyes fast of Jesus Christ. He is nowaday, neither a helpless baby in a crib, neither He hangs at the cross. He is rather the resurrected God who will come again, to judge over the living and the dead on judgements day. Some may say that Christmas originally was a pagan use, but today we celebrate it really as a celebration of the love and as a memorial day to Jesus Christ. God let us know through His Word: Deut.12:30-31; Ex.34:12-17.

God is very clear, He does not accept this manner of religion, even it is intend for His honour. He is not worshipped through it, but pagan idols! He does not want that we serve Him according to our own opinion! As Jesus says in Mark 7:7.

God has never changed Himself and His Word is clear. Even than there are millions of people celebrating Christmas without asking, where it comes from and where it leads. They follow blindly the traditions (Jer.9:12-14; Mal. 3:6-7). Like you will NOT serve the Lord your God! (Gal.6:7)

Let us as true Christians reflect what we are doing. Let we follow the Lord and celebrate the celebrations of the Lord, Gods celebrations, which He gave us in Jesus Christ, and whichever God self celebrates. And Christmas does not belongs to it, nowhere in the Word stands that “a Christmas” should been celebrated! Gods first celebration is the Paschal. It is a sign of the end of times, that the churches with an idols celebration “Christmas” (perhaps unwittingly) are full, but that Gods' first celebration, the biggest celebration, even the core of municipality members will pass. Yes, the celebration of the first fruits of the harvest they want to celebrate, our Easter, but the celebration of the Paschal, they rather want to miss, it is too bloody. But without that celebration, we can impossibly celebrate the other celebrations of God!

What did the Jews must do in Egypt. Slaughter the lamb, eat the lamb in private, but the blood had to be “visibly” outside at the door. What was a horror for the Egyptians, and was punished with the death penalty. Today we also turn this so eager. We bring Christ at the world, but the blood we hold scrupulously in private. Paul really says it quite clear to us: “we preach Christ crucified”. Let us humble and return to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and to His Word and not join with this world.

Do you ignore this warning?

or, do you hear the Writing:

“And be not conformed to this world”

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